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High Resistance Fault Locator helps you quickly find faults occurring in cables through damage caused in storage, transit or during installation.

These faults are generally evident as impact marks or punctures in the cable sheath. Any moisture ingress through a damaged sheath results in a local lowering of the insulation resistance.

Our High Resistance Fault Locator is equally suitable for use in the factory or on site to locate faults in an installed cable system; it incorporates a solid-state galvanometer with a backlight and adjustable sensitivity. The instrument has been designed to meet the requirements of cable testing and locating cable faults where the resistance ranges from zero to 100MΩ.

Faults can be between two conductors or between a conductor and sheath. The circuit is essentially a classic Wheatstone bridge with a highly sensitive detector.

When the bridge is at the balance point the control indicates the position of the fault as a percentage of the cable root length.

Two sensitivity levels are provided to accommodate all ranges of cables. The instrument is housed in a rugged case manufactured from a high impact co-polymer.

High Resistance Fault Locator comes complete with a CheckBox to check the operation and general accuracy of measurement.

In addition, there is a lead acid battery and charger, all necessary cables and an illustrated comprehensive instruction manual.