New Hydrolic Crimper from Thermalcomp Ltd.


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W60 Fine Wire Welder

W60 Fine Wire Welder Front
Part No.

The W60 welder is designed for sensor manufacturers to
produce commercial grade thermocouple junctions, and by
users of large numbers of exposed junction thermocouples
such as test and development laboratories where multipoint
temperature sensing of test pieces is required.

MI Welding Machine

Part No.

MI Thermocouple welding machine incorporates a new weld torch assembly and a new vice jaw arrangement for easier changing of thermocouple sizes…

Ultrasonic MI Cable End Stripper

Ultrasonic MI Cable End Stripper
Part No.

UCES-400 Ultrasonic Cable Stripping Machine uses powerful pulses of Ultrasonic energy to strip the sheath from mineral insulated cable…

MI Cable Precision Drilling Machine

MI Cable Precision Drilling Machine
Part No.

Precision MI Drilling Machine is designed to remove the insulation from the end of a prepared sample of M.I. cable in order to facilitate a complete welded measurement junction.

MI Cable Fault Locator

Part No.

High Resistance Fault Locator helps you quickly find faults occurring in cables through damage caused in storage, transit or during installation…