W60 Fine Wire Welder Front
W60 Fine Wire Welder Back
W60 Fine Wire Welder IO
Part No.

The W60 welder is designed for sensor manufacturers to
produce commercial grade thermocouple junctions, and by
users of large numbers of exposed junction thermocouples
such as test and development laboratories where multipoint
temperature sensing of test pieces is required.

Front Panel Controls

  1. Arc Argon gas and weld current controlled by
    the “Weld” switch. LED indication.
  2. Purge Allows the gas line and electrode shield to
    be purged of air prior to a new welding period.
  3. Weld Switch Initiates a welding operation (in “arc” mode
    also opens the Argon valve).
  4. Argon LED Indicates when the Argon control valve is open
    and gas is flowing.
  5. Wait LED Glows when weld charge is building.
  6. Ready LED “Ready to Weld” indication.
  7. Power Rotary control of the capacitor charge voltage.
  8. Level selector Selects the total capacitance available giving
    the following values with LED indication.
    “LO” = 0 to 6 Joules
    “MED” = 0 to 28 Joules
    “HI” = 0 to 64 Joules
  9. Electrode Holder Holds the replaceable carbon electrode which
    is accessible by removing the outer Argon Shield.
  10. Red socket Output socket for using the pliers supplied.
  11. Black socket Output socket, this provides an additional earth.