MI Cable Precision Drilling Machine
Part No.

Precision MI Drilling Machine is designed to remove the insulation from the end of a prepared sample of M.I. cable in order to facilitate a complete welded measurement junction.


The insulation is removed along with a section of conductor by drilling the end of the cable precisely to the required depth. The machine cleanly cuts away the conductors without twisting them together at the same time as removing the insulation.

  • Sizes from 1.0mm to 6.0mm MI cables
  • Precise alignment even at 1mm
  • Reduces preparation time
  • Selectable footswitch Control option
  • Selectable speeds up to 4000rpm
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • All drills, guides and collets supplied
  • Bench fixing kit
  • Full printed instruction manual (pdf also available on CD or via e-mail)

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