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Thermocouples are one of the most commonly used industrial elements in temperature measuring which is formed when 2 dissimilar metals are joined as a circuit with thermo current generated from the temperature difference between the metals. If there is any temperature difference between the thermocouple tip and reference end of the thermocouple, the instrument will display the temperature value versus the thermo emf generated from the thermocouple. On-site measurement and long distance transmission can both be carried out.

This device is able to measure the temperature of the liquid / vapors and surface temperature of a solid object, with a considerably wider measuring range than those of mercury thermometer or alcoholometer. It is suitable to be used both in the high temperature fields of blast furnaces and cookery and the low temperature measuring for liquefied hydrogen and liquefied nitrogen etc.

  1. High accuracy: due to direct contact with the measured without intermedia which affects the final output.
  2. Convenient operation.
  3. Unit Celsius and Fαhrenheit unit.
  4. Data hold and MAX, MIN, AVG
  5. Human-centred design, easy operation.
  6. Double display with backlight shows T1 / T2 and combination of T1 and T2
  7. To measure the thermocouple of J, K, T, E, N and R type.
  8. The electrical compensation function provides the compensation to the thermocouple error so as to improve the overall precision.


Measuring range J-type: 210℃ to 1200℃ (-346℉ to 2192℉)
K-type:-200℃ to 1372℃(-328℉ to 2501℉)
T-type:-250℃ to 400℃(-418℉ to 752℉)
E-type:-150℃ to 1000℃(-238℉ to 1832℉)
N-type:-200℃ to 1300℃(-328℉ to 2372℉)
R-type & S-type 0℃ to 1767℃(32℉ to 3212℉)
Resolution 0.1t < 1000°; 1.0t ≥ 1000°
Accuracy +0.1%+0.6℃
Input Bouble channel input
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Storage Humidity 20 ~ 90%
Power supply 3*1.5V AAA Battery
Size 72*29*145.5mm
Weight 159.0g

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